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Rattanakiri (Ban Lung)

Phnom Penh to Rattanakiri (Mini Ford) Price 20$ 
Departure:→ 5:30am 7:00am, 1:00pm
Return:→ 5:30am 7:00amç 1:00pm
Duration: 7.5 hours
Service: Air Condition, Wifi, pick up

One Way Phnom Penh to Ratanakiri

    - Taxi Fare:USD190

Two Ways Phnom Penh to Ratanakiri

    - Taxi Fare:USD370

* Notice:

    - Mini. 4 people
    - Inclusion gasoline, English speaking driver
    - Exclusion self expend...


Up and coming Ratanakiri is making a name for itself as diverse region of outstanding natural beauty that provide a remote home for mosaic of minority people. The Jarai, Tompoun, Brau and Kreung are the Khmer Leu (Upper Khmer) people with their own languages, tradition and customs.

Ban Lung provides a popular base for a range of Ratanakiri romps. It may look like autumn all year round, but it's just that the leaves, like everything else, are cloaked in a blanket of dust.
Yeak Loam Lake is a beautiful blue crater-lake set amid the vivid green of the towering jungle, and 5km south of Banlung. 
Yeak Loam Lake
Kachang waterfall is 6km northwest of Banlung.

O' Sin Laer waterfall (7 steps waterfall) is a popular waterfall with seven gentle tiers, located about 35km south of Banlung, but the trail to get here is tough at any time and pretty much impossible in the wet season.
O'sin Laer Waterfall

Virachey National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Cambodia, stretching for 3325 sq km east to Vietnam, north to Lao and west to Stung Treng province. The park has never been fully explored and is likely home to a number of larger mammals, including elephants, leopards and tigers
Vireachey Park
Elephant Treks

Minority House