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Mondulkiri (Sen Monorom)

Phnom Penh to Mondolkiri (Minibus Ford)   Price: $15

Departure: → 7:00 am,7:30am, 13.00pm, 13:30pm
Duration: 5.30
Service:  Air Condition, pick up

One Way Phnom Penh to Mondul Kiri

    - Taxi Fare: USD160

Two Ways Phnom Penh to Mondul Kiri

    - Taxi Fare: USD310

* Notice:

    - Mini. 4 people
    - Inclusion gasoline, English speaking driver
    - Exclusion self expend..



A world part from lowland Cambodia, it is the original World East of the country. Climatically and culturally, it's also another world which is come as a relief after the heat of plain.
Home to the hardly Pnong people and their noble elphants, it is possible to visit traditional villages and learn how to be a mahout.

Sen Monorom: The provincial capital of Mondulkiri, Sen Monorom is little more than an overgrown village. A charming community set in the spot where the famous hills meet, the centre of town has two lakes, leading some dreamers to call it ' The Switzerland of Cambodia'.
Elephant Treks: The village of Phuling, 7km northeast of Sen Monorom and Putang  9km southeast of town, are the most popular places to arrange an elephant trek. 

Elephant Rides

Bou Sraa Waterfall: Plunging into the dense Cambodian jungle below, this is one of the country's most impressive falls. Famous throughout the country, this double-drop waterfall has an upper tier of some 10m and a spectacular lower tier with a thundering 25m drop. 

Mondul Kiri View

Bou Sraa Waterfall