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Kampot/Kep (Beach)

One Way Phnom Penh to Kampot / Kep

    - Taxi Fare: USD50
    - Minivan Fare: USD75

Two Ways Phnom Penh to Kampot / Kep

    - Taxi Fare: USD100
    - Minivan Fare: USD145

2 Days 1 Night Tour to Kampot / Kep (Option A)

    - Departure at 8:00 AM arrive Kampot / Kep about 12:00 PM, visit Kampong Trach cave on the way then check in hotel in Kep or Kampot. Day 2 visit Sasea cave, Chnork cave, peeper plantation and zoo. Around 2:30AM return to Phnom Penh.

    - Taxi Fare: USD170

3 Days 2 Nights Tour to Kampot / Kep

    - Option A (day 1 - 2)
    - Day 3 after your breakfast to visit Bokor Paradise mountain (Bokor National Park) and about 2:30 come back to Phnom Penh.

    - Taxi Fare: USD220

* Notice:

    - Mini. 4 people
    - Inclusion petrol, English speaking driver
    - Exclusion entrance free, accommodation and self expend.


                        VAN/ MINI (15seats)

Kep Area From the turn of the century through the 1960s Kep was Cambodia's premier beach town, drawing holiday-makers to its breezy shores and nearby Bokor Hill Station. Back in the day, luxurious villas of the privileged class dotted the seaside, but are now vestiges of an earlier era, in a ruined state and slowly being cleared away for new developments. These days Kep is known more for its oceanfront crab shacks and relaxed tropical atmosphere. A few short, picturesque slivers of sand dot the shore including Kep Beach where many of the guesthouses and restaurants are clustered. The probably on the cusp of major developments, Kep still has a rustic feel to it - jungled mountains, quiet beaches, crab shacks and a steadily growing number of hotels and restaurants. Kep is a place to relax and dine by the seaside and use as a base to visit Rabbit Island (Koh Tunsay,) to explore the national park, to see the nearby caves and rural countryside. 
KAMPOT to/from KEP

‘Start at the durian, left at the dove, past the rhino, right at the white horse, on to the blue crab, and you’re there.’

The road from Kampot to Kep is paved and picturesque. It’s a 25km, 30-45 minute trip though scenic Cambodian countryside. There are some newly broken stretches of pavement but that will probably be repaired after the end of the wet season.

From Kampot, follow the Road 33 east to the White Horse Monument intersection. Bear right. At the next main turnoff (a small roundabout with a Vishnu statue,) turn right onto the oceanfront road to go to the Crab Market or continue straight past to Kep Beach.

**Motorcyclists, be aware of some uneven pavement and invisible humps in the tarmac on Road 33.

Motodups from Kampot start at about $3-$4 one way and $8-$10 round trip. Tuk-tuks run about $10-$17 for a round trip depending how long you spend in Kep and number of passengers.

There are two routes to Kep from Phnom Penh: 1) Follow National Route #3 (NR3) to Kampot and then take Road 33 to Kep (see previous section); 2) Follow National Route #3 (NR3) to the fork at Road 31. (There is a petrol station in the center of the fork.) Bare left. Take Road 31 south to Kampong Trach city. (Road 31 passes through some beautiful countryside.) Turn right at Kampong Trach and proceed to the Kep loop turnoff. Look for large overhead signs marking the turnoff. This route bypasses Kampot.